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This is THE site for the Scottish Whisky connoisseur.

Within the pages of this site we are offering the discerning Scotch Whisky connoisseur the opportunity to purchase a truely unique product direct from the bottler.

It is our belief that the single and vatted malt whisky's we have to offer are of the highest quality.

All of our whisky's are stocked in cask and will be bottled in 'limited batches', to preserve their uniqueness and originality.

Each batch will consist of 36 bottles, each uniquely numbered, showing the date of the bottling and the cask from which it had been taken.

All bottles are 750 ml in size and the contents are at cask strength.

Trade Enquiries are welcomed.

We can also arrange to have the whisky's bottled with your 'Own Label'. Minimum order for this service 6 bottles.


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